Aro Pump Basket

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Aro Pump Basket

Powder Pumps

Aro Powder Pumps


Transfer and handle your dry process powders faster, cleaner and at a fraction of the cost associated with installed “systems.” Consistent trouble-free transfer of powders up to 45-lbs. per cubic foot (721 kgs. per cubic meter) dry-weight, such as carbon black, expanded mica, silicones, acrylic resins, 3D printing powders and pharmaceuticals.

Available in 2″ and 3″ Ports

Port: 2” and 3”

Material: Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Max. operating pressure: psi (bar) 50 (3.4)

Suspended solids maximum: dia. in. (mm)
1/8” (3.3) PP10A Models,
1/4” (6.4) PP20A Models
3/8” (9.5) PP30A Models

Weight: lbs (kg)
PP20A-XAX-AAA 99.4 (45.1)
PP20A-XSX-AAA 157.8 (71.6)
PP30A-XAX-AAA 137.5 (62.4)
PP30A-XSX-AAA 236.8 (107.4)

  • Replaces Manual Powder Processes
  • Reduce Airborne Contamination – With direct transfer from the powder container to your recipe
  • Unique Patented Air-Induction System – Avoids the possibility of powder pack-out
  • Economical and Simple – Unlike large, complex systems
  • Portable – Can be moved from site to site
  • Advanced Air-Induction Technology – 4-Way air efficiency valve, delay timer, pump major air valve, air induction valve, main air control valve and air motor muffler
  • NPT, BSP and Tri-Clamp material connections

Our range of Aro powder pumps