ARO Pumps – Ingersoll Rand offer stall-free, ice-free performance.

ARO PumpsTheir trademarked “Unstallable” unbalanced air-driven valve design prevents stalling problems connected with other pumps. The “Quick-Dump” exhaust valves redirect cold exhaust air from ice-prone elements, stopping freezing. Supported by a five-year guarantee, we certainly have the most reliable pump series currently available.

From its simple beginnings as a utility dewatering / rubbish pump, through its numerous stages of design development, the diaphragm pump continues to be a favourite with process experts the world over. Why ? Simpleness.

Why ARO® Diaphragm Pumps ?

  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • Efficient
  • Sealess Design 
  • Minimal Materials Shear 
Convenience of Maintenance
  • Can be Run Dry 
  • Self Priming

Aro Pump Models

The EXPERT series of diaphragm aro pumps provide heavy industry in the most challenging applications . Moving oils, inks, solvents, ketones, even chicken livers, the EXPERT range will go where other pumps fear to tread. You can use them off-shore, in explosive conditions, absolutely anywhere that needs rugged, strong dependable efficiency.

The EXPERT series are strong, reliable, remarkable.

If you would like large delivery, excellent performance pumps for daily applications then perhaps you may need to look at the PRO series. These only go up to 2″ in size, however they still carry the ARO pumps reputation for dependability and productivity. They are able to manage shear sensitive materials, although abrasive, so are perfect for non-constant use.